A meaningful journey of wood processing and handicraft businesses. D’FURNI is truly honored to accompany HAWA on this journey.

After nearly 10 years of joining HAWA, CEO Vu Tien Thap of D’FURNI once again returned as the head of the organizing committee and Gold Sponsor for HAWA’s 30-year CARAVAN. It’s an experience that elevates oneself and shares sacred emotions that never fade.


The convoy passing through the White Bau Road filled with golden resin


The Organizing Committee fired gold fireworks at the departure ceremony


The journey brought along meaningful gifts as D’FURNI with the HOME’FURNI brand sponsored headrest pillows and many cute accessories, accompanying members throughout the long journey from Saigon to Nha Trang – Quy Nhon – Dalat.


Caravan is a term referring to a group of travelers that can include merchants, pilgrims, tourists… traveling together on a long journey. And this year’s HAWA 30 YEARS CARAVAN journey is no exception. A gathering of many members from all over the beautiful Vietnam, coming together to embark on this meaningful 30th-anniversary journey. The journey included 30 self-driving cars with over 100 members, covering a 5-day 4-night route from Saigon to Nha Trang – Quy Nhon – Dalat, which was extremely meaningful and strengthened the bond of the HAWA family.

A 30-year journey of HAWA – Caravan looks long, but it is the process of maturation of each member. Caravan grows and is nourished by the immense passion of its members. A journey that binds all members, 5 days accompanying and bonding with each other, experiencing countless precious and unforgettable moments, the echo after the Caravan journey still remains deep and impressive in the hearts of every member.

From the challenging roads, the image of golden resin swamps appeared right before their eyes, there were still vast blue sea lines along the Nha Trang – Quy Nhon route. Stretching along the vast coastline, the Caravan convoy immersed itself in the image of majestic mountains and hills. The greatness of the mountains and forests, the green of the plateau engulfed the Caravan convoy when crossing the mountain passes. The 5-day 4-night journey, though not long enough, was enough for the members of the convoy to feel fortunate, to truly feel happier than the thousands struggling with the daily grind, the breadwinner’s life, the debts of the final days of the year.

The long journey was concluded with a wonderful GALA night, the fireworks moment at the New Year’s Eve brought about intense and moving emotions, an indelible mark at Crown Retreat Quy Nhon.

A meaningful farewell night, when all members had the chance to pass on their camaraderie and blazing connection amidst the vast plateau. A beautiful memory, an unforgettable experience that cannot fade away. The Vietnamese furniture industry aims for a total industry revenue of $25 billion by 2025.

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