With the responsibility of the founder, CEO Vũ Tiến Thập continued to hold the position of Head of the Organizing Committee for the 2030 Library program for the second time in 2011.

Caravan donated the “WINGS TO FLY FAR” 2030 Library for the second time in 2011:

  • Theme: “Colorful Khơ-me”
  • Location: Bình Thạnh Elementary School, Cù lao Bà Hòa sông Hậu, An Giang
  • Head of the Organizing Committee: Mr. Vũ Tiến Thập

An Giang – August 6, 2011

An Giang – A land in Southern Vietnam, where the people face many difficulties in life, yet they persistently cling to their homeland. With dark skin and a resilient spirit, the smiles of the children touched our hearts as they held the gifts in their hands and watched colorful children’s plays from the urban areas. Perhaps in their dreams, they had never imagined such an experience.

Once again, we shed tears of happiness, knowing that giving is always meaningful.

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