The entrepreneurial journey with a mission to bridge the gap in space and time… bringing global interior solutions to every architectural project.

Our amazing history



The Light Furniture JSC (formerly known as DFURNI JSC) was born through the fortuitous import of a furniture container. Vu Tien Thap, a young engineer with a degree from University of Technology (Ho Chi Minh City), followed his passion for analysis and negotiation, ultimately transitioning his career to the field of furniture.



MANAGER brand emerged after 2 years, introducing a new market segment: "furniture for executives." With the lifting of the trade embargo, Vietnamese businesses had the opportunity to thrive globally. MANAGER's success lies in their innovative designs, enhanced product quality, and reliable service. Their differentiating factor is their expertise in supplying specialized, large-scale office interior projects exclusively designed for management levels.



After 2 years, the O'FURNI brand was launched in response to the growing love for the MANAGER brand among business owners. O'FURNI proudly provides office furniture for organizations that prioritize teamwork, modern style, and functionality. With a strong presence in major projects across Vietnam, O'FURNI has made its mark in every workspace of businesses.



Through a fresh and groundbreaking approach, DFURNI created the online furniture store, HOME'FURNI, offering a wide range of modern and affordable products that cater to the quality-conscious middle-class. This innovative brand brings a new lifestyle and vibrant atmosphere to spaces like homes, cafes, resorts, and clubs, where people desire warm, cozy, joyful, and lively experiences. HOME'FURNI is the epitome of furniture that combines comfort and style.


Bestuhl Brand

Beshtuhl - world class, a leading Korean brand with a chain of office furniture stretching around the world, has chosen DFURNI as the exclusive distributor in Vietnam because the prestige has been affirmed over the past 1 years. For the first time, Vietnamese people will have many opportunities to access & use, as well as enjoy 10-star quality products at the most suitable prices and FDI enterprises also have more advanced options for luxurious and creative corners in their space.


Export to Japan

The first container of dining chairs has been exported to Japan.


Export to Canada

The first container of exported sofas, dining chairs, and recliners has been shipped to Canada.


ERP go live

Odoo Go Live marks a significant milestone for D'FURNI, as it successfully completes the ERP implementation. This system enhances production management, ensuring quality and timely delivery of each order to customers, further establishing trust and credibility.


Export to US

The first container of project office chairs for a 4-star hotel has been exported to the United States.


ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

D'FURNI has been evaluated and certified for manufacturing, installation, and trading of furniture in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards.



The introduction of a branch in the United States marks a significant turning point in D'FURNI's journey to go global. D’FURNI US is not only a provider of full loose furniture solution but also a bridge between Vietnam and the United States, facilitating imports and exports, especially in construction materials.

Building strong brands through trust and quality

After years of formation and development, D’FURNI has built solid and enduring brand empires, continuously improving the quality of services and gaining the trust of consumers. We would like to express our gratitude to all the customers who have shown love and accompanied us on this journey. At D’FURNI, our team always puts our whole hearts and dedication into creating outstanding products for consumers, from the heart to the hands.

Our team

Our team comprises dedicated professionals who are highly skilled and passionate about what they do. We value teamwork, creativity, and continuous learning, ensuring that every member brings their unique talents to contribute to the success of our projects.

Board of Directors

Thap Vu


Luong Vu


Duong Vu


Hang Tran


Board of Management

Thap Vu

Chief Executive Officer

Hang Tran

Chief Operation Officer

Chi Nguyen

Customer Service Director

Dung Vu

Merchandiser Director

Business Department

Huy Trinh

Marketing Leader

Tuyen Dang

Store Manager of Saigon West Center

Thao Vu

Store Manager of To Hien Thanh Center

Dung Nguyen

Store Manager of Saigon East Center

Thach Mai

Store Manager of Saigon South Center

Anh Tran

Store Manager of Hanoi Center

Tan Truong

Export Leader

Office Departments

Oanh Nguyen

General Accountant Leader

Tung Nguyen

HR & IT Leader

Ni Nguyen

Customer Care Leader

Xuyen Mai

Merchandiser Leader

Manufacture Department

Thuong Le

Deputy Factory Manager

Hien Phan

Cutting-sewing Leader

Lam Vo

Frame Leader

Tu Nguyen

Cover Leader

Dung Nguyen

Leisure Chair Leader

Ngoan Nguyen

Office Chair Leader

Warehouse and transport department

Diep Vo

Quality Control Leader

Hao Le

Northern Delivery Leader

Ngan Le

Customer Service Leader

Thanh Ngo

Assembly Leader

Organization structure

Our organization has a structured and efficient team hierarchy that facilitates effective communication and coordination. Experienced leaders oversee each team, ensuring smooth operations and optimal resource utilization.

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We welcome you to get in touch with us. Whether you have inquiries, project proposals, or simply want to explore collaboration opportunities, our team is here to assist you.

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