“Beneath the Fiery Glow” – 2030 Library in 2012

Continuing into its third year, the project was founded by CEO Vũ Tiến Thập.

Returning to a region with complex terrain and diverse ethnic minorities, Bù Gia Mập serves as a transition point between the highlands and the plains. The local children brave scorching heat and fierce winds to attend school. Behind their modest homes lies a lush green forest. Although the scars of war have faded, life here remains slow-paced. Our dream persists: to establish a school with a fully equipped library, nurturing the habit of reading among these children and empowering them to soar.

Whether departing or arriving, our hearts remain connected to this land.

  • Theme: “Ben anh lua hong”
  • Location: Ngô Quyền Elementary School, Bù Gia Mập, Bình Phước
  • Head of the Organizing Committee: Mr. Vũ Tiến Thập

Bình Phước – August 12, 2012

O’FURNI continues its dedicated support by donating a complete set of chairs to the 2030 Library

This initiative exemplifies the power of community collaboration and the transformative impact of education. Through the efforts of organizations like O’FURNI and the commitment of sponsors, we create a brighter future for these young learners.

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