D’FURNI alongside the 12th edition of 2030 Library Caravan brings knowledge to light for underprivileged students in Khanh Son, Khanh Hoa.

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CEO D’FURNI, the founder of the Library 2030 project since 2010, alongside the organizing committee members each year.

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The 2030 Business Club has successfully organized the 12th edition of the Caravan Library program in 2021 with the theme “UP AGAINST THE THOUSAND DREAMS – JOURNEY OF LOVING HEARTS.” This marks the 12th year where D’FURNI, with its O’FURNI brand, continues to sponsor and contribute all student desks, reading chairs, books, and more in the 2030 libraries. This is a project highly regarded for its humanitarianism, carrying significant meaning with the slogan “spreading wings far.”

The 12th 2030 Library Caravan 2021 with the theme “UP AGAINST THE THOUSAND DREAMS – JOURNEY OF LOVING HEARTS”

Covid-19 has brought much loss and sadness to humanity. However, for the 2030 Entrepreneur Club and its allies, they continue to persist, dedicate, and accompany each other to spread love and bring the light of knowledge to those in need. Even when life becomes more challenging, O’FURNI remains steadfast with a loving heart, a sense of responsibility to share, and contributes to building a society that progresses and becomes more civilized.

2030 Library project since 2010

Knowledge has always been a precious asset for all humanity. However, for children in mountainous areas, economic and educational deficiencies have directly hindered their access to human knowledge. This is also the dreams they harbor, the aspirations they long for. Therefore, the Organizing Committee selected Khanh Son, a mountainous district in Khanh Hoa province, where 99% of students are Raglay ethnic people living on mountain ranges, hills, along streams, or deep valleys longing for knowledge.

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The journey goes against the dawn to reach the Central Highlands in Cam Ranh, then continues the upstream journey through the great mountains with steep passes and winding roads to bring knowledge to students in highland areas. Never before have we seen such a challenging upstream journey to ignite hope, to make the dream of knowledge soaring high and far so beautiful and meaningful.

The O’FURNI brand continues to sponsor all student desks, reading chairs, books, and more.

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The journey carries meaningful gifts as D’FURNI, with its O’FURNI brand, has contributed all student desks, reading chairs, books, and comfortable library seats, creating a wonderful learning and relaxing space for students. A 4-day, 3-night journey, although not long, is enough to bring the meaningful dream of knowledge soaring high and far, contributing to building a foundation for the country’s youth knowledge development.

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The essential tools in the library are extremely adorable for children

See you on the next journey, where we once again fulfill the mission of bringing the light of knowledge to illuminate the lives of these disadvantaged children. Very proud of the Vietnamese spirit of compassion.